Black Friday in different countries of the world

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all looking for the best promotions for all the gifts we have to buy, but also thinking about what our next whim is going to be. Every day of the year we find great offers in different stores, but no day becomes as important as Black Friday, introduced almost everywhere in the world, with huge discounts and incredible offers. All stores take out their weapons to offer the best promotions and increase their sales volume during this important day.

What does it consist of?

Internationally celebrated on Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Black Friday began in the United States as another day of sales at their stores. Named for the large agglomerations that formed in the streets the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday moved those conglomerations to stores, where they began to generate long queues of customers hoping to find great promotions and take the best Black deals Friday for Christmas.

As the Black Friday website points out, “it all started in the 60s, when the American retail business wanted to increase its sales during the holidays.” The stores in the country wanted, with these avalanches of people on the street, to convert the red numbers and the losses of the rest of the year into profits and an increase in sales that would give them a breath of fresh air to the establishments.

Thus, the images that Black Friday offers us every year with customers around the doors of the main stores of each country have already become famous to gain access to the establishments before anyone else. From early in the morning, people from all over the world look for the best bargains both in physical stores and in electronic commerce.

Are Black Friday sales worth it?

All that glitters is not gold and many experts also observe the problems that are beginning to derive from the widespread success of Black Friday. Despite its profitability and efficiency, it is believed that sales do not really increase, but that the purchases that will be made at Christmas to November are simply advanced. All without forgetting the always present controversy that not all offers are real promotions – since some shops tend to inflate the prices previous days to lower them on Black Friday.

In spite of everything, Black Friday is already a worldwide reality. All stores prepare for this widespread event. But how is this promotion day celebrated in each country?

Black Friday around the world


The United States is the cradle of Black Friday, the country that saw the birth of this already famous day. Their offers and promotions are already famous all over the world, and especially, the reactions of their inhabitants, who live this day with total intensity. This is the day in which American stores generate a greater number of benefits; hence they seek to attract their customers in every way possible.


Despite the great discounts and benefits generated by Black Friday, introducing it to England was not especially easy. Multinationals like Amazon wanted to start Black Friday years ago in the country. However, the response was not entirely satisfactory. Many English considered him an ‘Americanism’ more, refusing to leave the money on another day more sales when they already have other days throughout the year with more competitive offers.

Amazon did not give up and, since it worked in other countries, he wanted it to succeed in England as well. Thus, not only this company but also others such as Ads, belonging to the American Wal-Mart, began to introduce competitive promotions that prevented the English from resisting Black Friday.

Since then, Black Friday is celebrated every November in England, finally becoming another of the days in which more profits are obtained by the shops. However, the English do not live it with the same intensity and passion as the Americans, who leave the skin on that day


As in England, there are a few years that Black Friday has been celebrated in Canada. However, its implementation in this country was much easier and faster. They started celebrating it because of the success Black Friday had in their neighboring country. The success that hurt Canada.

So well-known and famous were the Black Friday sales that American establishments applied to their products this November day that many Canadians decided to cross the border that day – or even days before – to get the best bargains. This ended up disfavoring Canada, as it lost a lot of money – which, in turn, the United States earned. Hence, Canadians quickly reacted and began to celebrate their own Black Friday, preventing many of its inhabitants from crossing the border and thus promoting an increase in sales volume.

Despite the implementation and success of Black Friday in Canada, the offers and discounts of the United States remain more competitive than those of its neighbors. However, Canada has the next month with another day of great promotions, Boxing Day, celebrated the day after Christmas with even greater offers.


This country has been celebrating Black Friday for several years, becoming the most important day for Australian businesses. It was introduced just four years ago by Apple. The company of the bitten apple also joined this celebration all over the world, so it did not hesitate to add its Black Friday sales in Australia. Australian best e-commerce store called having special discounts and deals on Black Friday.

Even so, it was expensive to introduce Black Friday into the country for three reasons: Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving, which is why it was considered unnecessary this day of mass shopping; Although Apple was making Black Friday discounts, those offers were already regularly found by Australians in other establishments; and there were other days of more important offers, such as Boxing Day – the same one that is celebrated in Canada.

The gradual implementation by other businesses such as Amazon has finally made Black Friday another day of great competitive offers in the country. However, his main interest in technology has made Cyber ​​Monday more successful in Australia. In fact, everything suggests that most Australians will run this year especially to get the latest iPhone model.


In Ireland, Black Friday has become the day par excellence of purchases, since it has discounts that are not found another day of the year. It is so important for Irish establishments this day that stores like Asos have extended Black Friday to several days, or even very tempting promotions are launched in which they give away even televisions!


In Spain, Black Friday has been held for a short time. However, since it was introduced, it is almost all companies – both small and large – that have joined the celebration of this day. In fact, they achieve so many benefits that there are companies, such as Amazon, that have extended their offers for even a week before Black Friday.

Other companies such as Media Market or El Corte Inglés extend Black Friday throughout the weekend, so in the end, in Spain we mistakenly use the term Black Friday, since the offers are not only available during Friday, but for about four days . The offers usually extend until Monday, to make them coincide with Cyber ​​Monday, which began to be celebrated successfully last year in our country.

Latin America

Not all countries in South America have introduced Black Friday. However, there are some countries that celebrate it in a particular way.

In Mexico, Black Friday is not celebrated as such, but El Been Fin, in which during a weekend discounts of up to 70% are offered. The main objective is to promote trade and consumption and revive the country’s economy. In fact, not only companies participate, but also banks, which offer interest-free loans during these days for a few months. With this celebration, the country wants companies and consumers to benefit, offering advice on its website of the type: “Do not spend beyond your payment possibilities; otherwise you could see your creditworthiness impaired in the future.”

In Panama it usually lasts until December 1. However, this year will be the last time it is celebrated in November because different companies have reached an agreement so that from 2017 it will be celebrated in September. This is because at that time they sell little, while in November, with the imminent arrival of Christmas, they begin to generate more income without the need for promotions of any kind. In addition, Panama achieves a huge amount of sales because people come from the surrounding countries. In Colombia a Black Friday is celebrated in May and a Black Weekend in November, the same as Black Friday but for a whole weekend. In addition, they also celebrate Cyber ​​Monday – known there as CyberLunes the following Monday.

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