Pakistani Handicraft

Dooming Demand Of Handicraft Items

Pakistan is a culturally rich country. Its roots can be traced back to the history of the slave’s dynasty. People by then used to make products from clay. And since then, the industry of handicraft started booming the region. Actually, there are plenty of products artisans crafted. Some crafted water coolers made up of clay and some produced water pots for birds. Some created jewelry and some created children toys.

History Of Handicraft

But it is mandatory to discuss the history of the handicraft industry. Does it exist before the creation of the slave’s dynasty? Did people know about this industry in the ancient Christ period? The straight answer is yes. This industry is thousands of years old. After the excavation of Egypt pyramids and Moen jo Daro of Sindh, people saw the footprints of this industry by then. People used to make everything from clay. And, there are thousands of items discovered from various ancient sites all across the globe.

Pakistani handicraft

Moreover, some of the nations used this methodology to promote their literature. People from Egypt have shared complete art and literature in this way. And Pakistan is not the exception here. If one casts an eye at the tombs and minars, they will find the innovation of that time. They would feel how clay was utilized to make someone look glittering.

Presence Of Handicraft Art In Sub-Continent

Actually, people of the sub-continent did not have much knowledge about the things taking place in the world. They were after their bread and butter. However, they thought to introduce new ways to make money. Since this business had roots in the markets and people were already selling various items from far-flung areas. They learned the techniques and introduced all across the region. This industry expanded beyond the borders of the sub-continent and Asia. And people from other regions also started to adapt the changes taking place in the handicraft industry.

Handicraft In Sindh

Sindh Handicraft

Moreover, the industry started penetrating the country of Pakistan. And, some of the cities had become main source of business for the products of handicrafts. Take an example of HALA where Shah Abdul LatifBhittai born. This is the place handicraft products were being manufactured and supplied all over the region. Even today, it is the main source of such products. Since government does not work on this industry, it has started dooming. But still, it is worth citing tangible examples.

Handicraft In Sindh

Punjab Handicraft

Apart from Sindh, Punjab is also famous for handicraft products. People from Punjab are not only innovative but also very creative. They introduced Punjabi suit designs and starts using embroidery as a tool instead of clay. They started working on fabric and came up with different ideas and creations. No doubt, there are places where products from clay are still crafted. But rapid changes in the clothing industry lowered the focus of people. And, now most of the cities like Faislabad and Sialkot focus on creating the products pertaining to textile and sports.

Handicraft Production Cities Of Pakistan

As it has been stated, there are various places where handicraft business exist in Pakistan some of them are described below:-

  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Haala
  • Sukkur
  • Hyderabad
  • Sargodha
  • Hunza

Famous Handicraft Creations In Pakistan

Famous Handicraft In Pakistan

There are many creations done in Pakistan. The handicraft industry has created pots, topis, water coolers, and many other items. Some of the famous items are cited below:-

  1. Sindhi Topi
  2. Rilli (Quills)
  3. Bed Sheets
  4. Multani Pottery
  5. Water Cooler (Matka)
  6. Clay Pot
  7. Ajrak
  8. Wooden Bed
  9. Brass Crafts
  10. Embroidery

Why the Handicraft Industry Is Dooming In Pakistan?

With the sudden change in the businesses and innovation in information technology, people have started buying more products digitally. The artisans who create and craft handicraft items literally failed to market the products online due to a lack of education. However, the market size shrinking and production have also been affected due to no interest at the local and international levels. Though, the products are the best and have finest quality yet they are not being sold and do not have any value in the markets.

How To Improve Handicraft Industry In Pakistan?

If there is will, there is away. The government of Pakistan needs to bring revolutionary and evolutionary changes in the markets and help artisans in providing financial assistance apart from providing the training to sell products online. This is the only way to compete with the global changes taking place. Otherwise, it will be really hard for the country to save this industry from complete collapse.

And so far, it can be predicted that this industry does not have any future and there is no will at the federal or provincial government level to make things easy for the people working in the handicrafts industry. Thanks to the celebration of Sindh Topi Day which have become a lifeline for some of the sellers and might help handcrafters from Sindh to boom.

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