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Best 7 Elliptical Cross Trainers In India 2019

With the advancement of technology, lot of change in the lifestyle of human being came. Technology is making us lazy which is a cause of many diseases. For maintaining work life balance you have to do exercises daily There are many products are available in the market to keep you fit and healthy. But with the hectic schedule people are avoiding exercises at gym. But we have some fitness accessories such as elliptical trainers which let you workout at the comfort of your home.

Elliptical trainers or elliptical cross trainers is the wonderful product available in the market for muscle sculpting and burning of calories. Elliptical cross trainers are the best option to strengthen your leg and improve your overall health. It is the best exercise equipment especially for elderly ones and people with joint pains who wanted to become fit and healthy or lose their weight. It is your fitness partner which let you do the workout for your cardio fitness.

Elliptical cross trainers or cardio fitness equipment comes foot pedals and two long handles offers a comfortable exercising experience with its smooth motion. It had computer functions which allow the user to estimate their rate, quantity of calories they have burnt and the distance they have covered. They are specially used to assist the training routine of specialists and professionals. Let’s have a look of top 7 elliptical trainers that you can buy online in India.

Best Premium Quality Elliptical Cross Trainers to Buy in 2019

1. Nordic Track Elliptical Cross trainer Commercial 12.9

Nordic track C 12.9 is one of the top elliptical cross trainer because it has all the features that fitness experts recommended you to achieve fitness results.


  • It has two heart rate monitoring options including wireless telemetry & contact sensors with Bluetooth chest strap.
  • It has padded grips on the handlebars with multiple holding positions to help keep your hands comfortable.
  • It has adjustable stride length and three foot positions so the machine fit different users.
  • It has moving & stationary handlebars give a choice of total-body cross training or a focus on the lower body.
  • It has 0 to 20 percent power-adjustable incline & 26 digital resistance levels. 
  • NordicTrack C 12.9 is an Icon Fitness brand and is known for its iFit technology. 
  • The NordicTrack C 12.9 has 7-inch touchscreen, digitally amplified speakers and a workout fan. 

Nordic Track Elliptical Cross trainer C 12.9

2. Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical

Afton FX-400 is a great buy for all high-level athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
It has an LCD display that shows your stats including scan, temp, clock, pulse, calories, speed, time, distance, RPM, THR, pulse, body fat.


  • It comes with 8 level manual resistance control.
  • It has 10 motivational program settings such as manual, hill, fatburn, interval, cardio, strength, 2x user, 2 x HR controlled menu options.
  • you can monitor your heart rate by using in built hr sensor.
  • It also has cooling fan to provide you more comfort.
  • It has hand pulse grips and chest belts.

Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical

3. Xterra FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

Xterra Fs 4.0e is the best elliptical cross fitness trainer for commercial purposes. It has all options that every advanced and featured packed trainers have.


  • The Cardio Fitness Elliptical Trainer has in built LCD display that display your speed, time, distance, RPM, calories burned, RPM, watts etc .
  • It includes speakers and an audio jack to allow you to connect and listen to entertainment on your MP3 player or phone. 
  • It has water bottle handle to keep you hydrated during long workouts.
  • It features a dot matrix display with 20 profile segments, allowing for greater customization of interval times.
  • It has proper position of the dual-action handlebars which keeps your wrist in a neutral position.

Xterra FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer

4. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044

Wellness is one of the India’s most trusted equipment brands.


  • It has large LCD display to track speed, time, distance,scan, heart rate and calories burnt.
  • It has 4 kgs fly wheel Fly wheel to increases the momentum of your speed reducing your impact on your knees.
  • WC6044 has hand pulse pad on hand rails to allow for easy measurement of heart rate.
  • WC6044 comes with an adjustable seat to suit your workouts. 
  • It has 8 level manual magnetic resistance.

Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044

5. Kettler Cross P Cross Trainer or Elliptical Cross Trainer

Kettler cross P is an premium elliptical cross trainer for doing workout at home.


  • It has 16 level magnetic resistance and 14 kg flywheel for full body cardio workout.
  • It supports LCD display that shows Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, Total Distance Travelled, Scan & Hand Pulse.
  • It has hand pulse sensors and chest strap to measure the heart rate on the go.
  • It involves magnetic brake system, adjustable treads, persistent resistance keys, Integrated POLAR compatible receiver, strain profile.

Kettler Cross P Cross Trainer or Elliptical Cross Trainer

6. Kamachi Magnetic Cross Trainer CT-500

Kamachi Magnetic CT 500 elliptical cross trainer is an ideal machine for beginner as well as avid exerciser due to the number of training programs it features.


  • It features LED display which shows time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate.
  • Model contains heart rate sensor to monitoring your heart rate.
  • Kamachi Magnetic CT 500 has 2 In 1 Transport Wheels.
  • It is one of the best trainers available in the market due to its quality and amenities.

7. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn is the most renowned elliptical cross trainer brand that is known for making high-quality fitness accessories.


  • It comes with two LCD screen System offers increased visibility to programs and goal tracking.
  • Schwinn 430 consists 20 level resistance aligned wheels, so that cross trainer machine workouts smooth and silent.
  • It has charging USB port, speakers, adjustable three-speed fan & media shelf.
  • Model contains heart rate sensor to control your heart rate.

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