Did you know exercise can have an impact on your dental health?

Exercise, as we all know, is the best way to stay fit and live healthily. Whatever be the exercise, the main aspect is to keep your body functioning properly. Not only does exercise help you to stay fit but also helps relieve stress, reduces the risk of chronic disease, increases energy levels, and many more. Physical training and exercise are good for your overall health. However, there are always two sides of a coin, and it implies here too. 

There are many negative aspects of exercising, too, like damaged joints, insomnia, depression, and issues with dental health. Yes, you are reading it right. Exercise does affect your dental health. 

Seems unlikely? 

Following is a case study from The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science, which has been helpful to understand the facts.

The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports had published a study conducted by them where it was mentioned that vigorous exercise is good for the body but bad for dental health. Further research concluded that ill effects take place in unexpected ways. In sports dentistry, it seems there is a need for the risk-adapted preventive dental concept as it has been found that there are load-dependent changes in saliva parameters. Thus people who exercise vigorously or athletes, are at risk of dental erosion or cavities. 

Another research was conducted by some researchers, along with the dental school at University Hospital Heidelberg situated in Germany. There were many cases where it was found that athletes were suffering from dental issues. Two groups of 35 adult people were selected. One group consisted of hardcore athletes and another consisted of healthy non-athletes.

Each of them had first to complete a questionnaire which involved questions related to their diet, their daily schedule, exercise habits, patterns, etc. Then they visited a dental lab for a complete oral examination. After that, 15 people from the athlete’s group were assigned the task of completing a 35-minute strenuous run, during which samples of their saliva were collected.

After they had finished their tests and compared the different group of teeth and spit, they made a remarkable discovery. In comparison, the athletes were found to be in danger of dental problems as they showed more tooth enamel erosion, and as they trained more, they developed more chances of having more cavities.

Two major factors leading to dental issues due to exercises 

1. Consuming sports beverages for energy

Every other person going to the gym or performing hardcore exercises consumes sports drinks. No doubt there are many benefits of having those drinks, especially when it comes to recovering your body after exercise. The electrolytes present in them do aid in refreshing and staying hydrated. But on the other end, they bathe your teeth with acid. 

Furthermore, the pattern of drinking these beverages also adds to the damage caused to your tooth. Having frequent sips while exercising exposes your tooth to the attacks of sugar and acids, leading to tooth decay.

2. Breathing through the mouth

While exercising, it’s a natural behaviour among people to breathe heavily through the mouth. This results in drying of your mouth, which in turn reduces saliva flow, and hence a camp is set for the bacteria to start their activities and cause decay.

Are you worried about your workout routine and want to take precautions beforehand? Schedule an appointment at the best dental treatment in Newtown Clinic Kolkata. The doctors here are certified and experienced and will provide you with the best solutions to help you keep smiling for the rest of your life. 

The next question that arises is, should you stop exercising to take care of your dental health? What about our physical fitness?? 

Well, exercise does not need to interfere with your dental health. 

Let’s find out how to continue exercising without worrying about dental health damage.

Maintaining oral health while exercising

While you put in efforts to stay in shape and need to avoid any toll on your dental health, it is important to follow a few precautionary measures while working out regularly.

1. Keep yourself hydrated by other means

It is necessary to replace the electrolytes when you sweat while working out. That is the reason people opt for sports drinks. But there are alternative ways to rehydrate yourself.  

i) Plain Water 

Bottled water or regular water is a great fluid to keep yourself hydrated. To help replenish the electrolytes, you add a pinch of unprocessed salt and squeeze half a lemon in it. Your health drink is ready.

ii) Coconut Water 

Believe me, there is no substitute for this natural water if you are looking for a healthy substitute for a health drink. We often ignore such blessings and opt for artificial things as they are showcased in a very shiny manner. But we should not forget the famous quote, “All that glitters is not gold.” The properties of coconut water not only keeps you hydrated but also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Adding to that, it also helps control and balances the insulin and glucose levels in your body. 

2. Breathe through your nose periodically while exercising

It is tough to catch your breath when you are into rigorous training, but you should periodically breathe through your nose as well. It will help you avoid drying of your mouth completely, which affects your dental health. Breathing through your nose is not only good for your dental health but also beneficial physiologically. It helps increase the oxygen absorption capacity of your lungs and also lowers blood pressure.

3. Maintaining a healthy routine for your teeth 

You need to discipline yourself if you want to achieve anything in life. Similarly, for good dental health, you need to create a routine and follow it religiously.

i) Brush your teeth after you wake up and before you retire to bed

ii) Floss whenever you have a heavy meal and rinse regularly after every meal

iii) Visit your doctor for regular dental health check-ups and periodical cleanings and examinations. You can avail the best dental treatment in Newtown Clinic Kolkata and preserve your dental health. The dentists will guide you and help you keep smiling confidently.

All it takes to stay healthy is awareness. With proper information and necessary steps, you can keep your body healthy as well as take care of your dental health.

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