Pakistani Wedding Brands Online

Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country in the world. There are more than 210 million people living in the country and the majority chunk of the population is young falling in the bracket of 20 to 40 years of age. Considering the youth budge, most of the brands have started selling Pakistani clothes online for the wedding. Some are very cheap and some are very costly. The average rate of wedding dresses is about 30 thousands and some cost more than a million Pakistani rupees depending on the quality of product customers buy.

Wedding Dresses Of Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani Wedding Dresses
Zainab Chottani Wedding Dresses

The dresses of this brand are very costly and meant for the elite class. The casual wear dresses of this brand would cost you more than 10 thousand Pakistani rupees. What to speak of wedding dresses when casual and party wear dresses are that much expensive. It has been surveyed by a third party company what is minimum charge Zainab chottani demands for wedding dresses curated on the choice of a bride, it was noticed that she charges minimum 700 thousand for a wedding dresses.

Asim Jofa Wedding Dresses

Asim Jofa Wedding Dresses
Asim Jofa Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses of Asim Jofa are also very expensive. He is charging about 500 thousand for a normal wedding dress. Undoubtedly, the products he makes deserves to be charged like Zainab chottani. He is using high-quality materials for wedding dresses and all the embroidery work done on the product is also impressive when it comes to designing and patterns.

Maria B Bridal Dresses

Maria B Bridal Dresses
Maria B Bridal Dresses

Maria b is a very famous brand these days in Pakistan. She has been in the industry for the past many years. She produces casual wear, bridal wear, party wear, and wedding wear dresses. Her Mbroidered collection and use of crystals and stones made her famous. The average cost of wedding dresses of maria b is 500 thousand depending on the work a bride demands. It is said that some of the dresses of maria would also cost you a million considering the design style and use of material. 

Deepak Parwani Bridal Dresses

Deepak Panwani Bridal Dresses

If you are looking for the most expensive bridal dresses in Pakistan then visit the shop of the Deepak Parwani brand. He has been very famous for making such wonderful attire for weddings and brides. His nominal costs are in a million but the quality of his fabric is not local but international. He is using high quality imported materials. And, his products are not targeted to middle-class families but the upper elite class.

Annus Abrar Dresses for Bride

Annus Abrar Bridal Dresses
Annus Abrar Bridal

Annusabrar is a new brand in the market. This brand has been successful due to the innovations it brought in the wedding and bridal wear dresses. Obviously, the wedding market in Pakistan is expensive and the dresses of this brand come very expensive either. The dresses he designs and makes the minimum cost about 300 thousand and the more work the bride demands the more money it will charge.

Sana Safinaz Bridal Dresses

Sana Safinaz Bridal Dresses
Sana Safinaz Bridal Dresses

The dresses of Sana safinaz come very costly for a wedding. She is one of the oldest designers in the market. She started her business in the early 1990s and has produced millions of products. Her wedding dresses are supposed to be the most costly in the market. The minimum cost of Sana safinaz wedding dresses in 700 thousand and some of the dresses could be purchased in one million either. Since she is the market leader and has been in the business for many years. She does not need much marketing to promote her stuff and quality.

Kashees Wedding Dresses

Kashees Bridal Dressses
Kashees Bridal

Kashee is a famous makeup artist. He has become famous after coming in the morning shows. Kashees has also produced wedding dresses and some of the products he makes costs more than a million. Yes, you read right. The dresses of kashees would cost you to make a million if you are after heavily embroidered bridal wear dresses. No doubt, he produces one of the best dresses in the market. And, his mehndi collection got some much response that all of his stock went finished in the shortest possible time. Actually, kashees spends a lot of money on marketing. And he enjoys good name and fame in the market. It is the reason he has become successful in the shortest span of time.

Maryams Wedding and Party Dresses

Maryams Bridal Collection
Maryams Bridal Collection

Maryams is a newly launched brand from Lahore. She is considered to be the cheapest and best brand out in the market. Most of the dresses of maryams come in very cheap prices. The average cost of a party or wedding dress is about 30 thousand. Some of the dresses maryams make are for parties and event wear. And the price range for this collection is about 20 thousand. The above are a few famous brands selling Pakistani clothes online and have been successful in expanding the business beyond borders. If one takes a picture overall, it can be determined that the wedding dresses of Pakistan are very expensive if purchased from brands. But, some local manufacturers and website owners are selling in very cheap and affordable prices.

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